Forex - Weekly outlook: 08.20 - 08.24

The probability of the fed raising rates by 25 basis points to the range of 2.00% to 2.25% in September was 94.8%, and the probability of a rise between December and that range was 31.1%.
Goldman sachs called on investors to prepare for a reversal in the dollar, which could fall 7 per cent over the next 12 months, based on expectations of a return to stable global growth. The benchmark U.S. exchange rate index, which has risen more than 4.3 percent this year, was even stronger in the second quarter, reflecting strong U.S. economic data and the federal reserve's readiness to continue raising interest rates, driving a divergence between U.S. interest rates and those of other major countries and weighing on currencies other than the dollar amid trade concerns. Still, Goldman's strategists, led by Mr. Hunt, said the dollar's underlying advantage would fade quickly, and the bank's indicators point to improved global growth, suggesting a narrowing of the U.S. growth divide with other major countries.
The government is set to issue its first set of technical advice announcements on Thursday to prepare Britain for a possible "no-deal brexit", according to Rab said the "most likely outcome" for now would still be a deal, but that the government would still "have a responsibility" to make contingency plans. On Thursday, labrador will appear before parliament to address MPS on the government's preparations for a possible "hard brexit without a deal" next march.

Monday, August 20

China's domestic oil products open a new round of price adjustment window.
Carolyn Wilkins, senior vice President of the Bank of Canada, participates in a panel discussion at the Central Bank Research Association.
Atlanta fed President Ben bostik, who is on the committee's 2018 voting committee, speaks on the economic outlook.

Tuesday, August 21

Australian federal reserve bank President Richard lowe spoke at a breakfast meeting.
The rba released the minutes of its August monetary policy meeting.
The brexit secretary, labrador, will travel to Brussels to meet barnier, the eu's chief brexit negotiator, to accelerate the pace and intensity of negotiations.

Wednesday, August 22

September NYMEX New York crude oil futures were affected by the change of month. The last trading on the floor was completed at 2:30 a.m. on August 22, and the last trading on electronic trading was completed at 5:00 a.m. In addition, the expiry date of American oil contracts on some trading platforms is usually one day earlier than NYMEX official. Please pay more attention.

Thursday, August 23

The annual central bank conference in Jackson hole runs through August 25.
Minutes from the July 31 solstice August 1 meeting of the federal reserve committee.
The European central bank released the minutes of its July monetary policy meeting.

Friday, August 24

The central bank's annual meeting in Jackson hole officially begins.
Fed chairman Powell discusses the economy and monetary policy at the central bank's annual meeting in Jackson hole.